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P.O. Box  41 Northampton, MA 01061
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alley Healing is dedicated to helping you heal yourself.  Whether you seek the deep relaxation of Reiki or the active participation in balancing and clearing your own energy through EFT - or both - you will be embarking on a journey to wellness and joy.

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Tracy Carroll, MS, is a Reiki Master  Teacher and a Certified EFT Practitioner.  She has worked with people in various care giving capacities for over 25 years and believes that we all have the ability to heal  and balance ourselves as we balance our energy.  She enjoys facilitating this healing and teaching you the tools to use on your own.  Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, Tracy will travel within western Massachusetts for Reiki.  EFT has no geographical limits as it is as effective on the phone as it is face to face.

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